Snelle en betrouwbare diagnose van plantenziekten
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Sales representatives
Sales representatives for seeds, young plants or pesticides use these pathogen field-tests for a fast - 2 minutes - and reliable diagnosis of plant diseases at customers. This enables them to advise growers instantly regarding the best way to protect there plants

Crop advisors
In cases where diseases are difficult to identify, growers seek advise by experts; In cases where several pathogens are combined, plants suffer from nutrient deficiency or poor growing conditions it is difficult to visually identify diseases. These field-tests can offer you the security to reliably identify the primary pathogen within 2 minutes. Based on the result a advise can be given to the grower regarding the best way to protect his crop against more damage.

Foreign countries (export and area manages)
Foreign countries do not always have facilities to reliably test plants for plant pathogens; additionally travelling with or shipping plant samples to laboratories in your home country is not always advisable. Our compact field-tests are easy to carry around during business trips around the globe. By using them in the field or greenhouse you can get a reliable and fast diagnoses to advice customers or check on results of local laboratories.

Advantages of field-tests for technical and commercial advisors:

  • Certainty: In 2 minutes a reliable result is obtained. This is especially useful when the symptoms are difficult to recognize.
  • Independent control: the tests provide an objective diagnosis; possible disputes can be solved on site.
  • Higher service level: The service level and efficiency of your sales reps can be increased if customers can reliably identify diseases themselves. An crop protection advise can be given without travelling to the customer.

These tests only work on plant samples infected with the disease; this especially important with fungi and bacterial (root) diseases. The tests are no replacement of existing laboratory tests. Use these test for regular and primary testing in the field.

On the basis of your wishes we can compose a specific set of tests for you company.


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